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Will You Be Marketing For Growth In 2019?

Or will it be same old same old?

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Halloween has come and gone, Christmas is fast approaching, and before you know it, the new year will be here. So, how prepared are you? Are you going to be marketing for growth in 2019?

Start marketing for growth in 2019 and book a free consultation with me!

Start marketing for growth in 2019 and book a free consultation with me!

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For many entrepreneurs, this can be a stressful time of year and, for some, it's a time of immense frustration and reflection. The year is nearly at the end and the business you'd envisaged at the start of the year has not delivered what you had hoped for. Sound familiar?

"If this is you, then don't despair!"

It's so easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities and lose sight of the bigger picture. Driving your business forward is not always as easy as it seems. What does your business have to do, look like and behave like to give you what you want out of life? In other words, what is your vision?

When I first start working with a client, I ask the question, "What's the number one issue you're facing today?" and the answer is always the same, "Marketing doesn't work & I need more customers/sales".

"This is the most common response, but it's often a knee-jerk reaction in an underperforming business!"

Too much money, time and energy is thrown at numerous isolated approaches and frustration ensues because getting a return on investment just isn't happening. That's where I step in and stop the money burn!

Business growth isn't just about sales, it's about:

  • Understanding who your customers really are

  • Understanding what your customers really want

  • Understanding what your business is really about

  • Making your business stand apart from your competition

The list goes on.

Without being able to answer all of the above and more, it's next to impossible to have a truly effective marketing strategy. As part of pulling that strategy together, you also need to perform a SWOT Analysis.

"Have you done a SWOT Analysis? Do you even know what one really is?"

By performing a SWOT analysis, you will be able to formulate a strategy that helps you focus on your strengths, identify and fix the weaknesses, minimise threats by negating and preparing for them, and take advantage of opportunities available to you.

Being an entrepreneur is like being on a roller-coaster ... it can be the ride of a lifetime, but there are times when you are screaming to get off. If you are struggling to take your business to the next level, or you are feeling frustrated with your lack of progress, I can help.

"Would you like to know more?"

If you'd like to discover more about marketing for growth in 2019 then do give me a call on 07521 790284 or click here to ping me an email and let's arrange a free consultation. Together, we can make 2019 be a magical year for you.

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