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The Ancient Art Of Project Management

Vital in times of tightening budgets and scrutiny ...

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To be successful in today's competitive business world, managers must deliver results on time and within budget, therefore project management is an essential skill for all managers ...

Project management is about defining then following the right steps!

Project management is about defining then following the right steps!

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As businesses grow and develop they need to adapt to change. A good project manager can ensure the successful delivery of projects that help to move the business forward. Project management provides structure, focus, flexibility but more importantly gives you, the business owner, control.

"All of which are vital in order to succeed!"

I am a massive advocate of project management training. Many years ago, before I became a business consultant, I was a director in a training company that specialised in project management.

However, formal training is not always an option, so here are a few basic tips for those that are not entirely sure what project management is about:

  • Time Management

    Projects are temporary in nature, usually with a defined beginning and end. They are normally created by businesses to develop a new product, service or to effect a business transformation.

    As such, project managers must be excellent at managing deadlines and can only do so with strong time management skills.

  • Interpersonal Skills

    It is important for the project manager to possess excellent interpersonal skills. They could work on more than one project at any point in time so need to give focus to each project accordingly.

    Projects might not have the same team members, sponsors or stakeholders. As such, a project manager needs to be able to communicate with different groups of people efficiently.

    For example, a project manager who is in charge of building and launching a new office might be required to report to senior management about project progress and also work with the different internal departments such as IT and finance.

  • Budget Management

    Project managers also have to pay attention to the budget of the project while ensuring that the final results adhere to the required quality standards. In the first place, they should work out the project scope with the stakeholders, senior management and project sponsors.

    Using the project scope as a reference, the project manager can then construct an estimated project budget and seek opinions to determine if it is realistic.

  • Scope Creep

    Once the project begins, the project manager needs to watch out for scope creep. This is when the project starts to deviate from the agreed specification concerning cost, timelines, etc.

    A good project manager will be able to create and adhere to a project specification which has tolerances built in and monitoring/reporting in place to help minimise scope creep.

    This is essential as significant deviations from the project specification can have an effect on budgets, deliverables, etc.

Project management has been around since businesses realised assigning an individual with overall responsibility for the project moves things along efficiently and (hopefully) within budget. Good project management is even more important in these times of tightening budgets and management scrutiny.

"Got a major project to complete but not sure how to get it done?"

Maybe I can help you with some good, solid advice? How about I do the project management for you? If anything I've said in this blog posts resonates with you, call me on 07521 790284 or click here to send me an email enquiry and let's see how I can help you.

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