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Planning For 2019: Decluttering Your Business

You won't regret making a start now ...

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POSTED ON 28/12/2018 @ 8:00AM

Have you started planning for 2019 yet? I know that we're heading toward Christmas, but at starting to think about what you're going to do next year should be under consideration ...

Start planning for 2019 by decluttering your business!

Start planning for 2019 by decluttering your business!

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The best place to start with your 2019 plan is to figure out where you are right now. What's worked, what hasn't? What have you found to be value for money and what was a complete waste of your resources?

"What's hot and what's not?"

It could be anything from that networking group you keep going to week in week out that hasn't generated any new business (although do make sure you're networking right before ditching it!), to that daily business tips email that's getting boring and repetitive now.

How about all those monthly subscriptions you signed up to? That killer app that costs you a tenner a month but doesn't really do much. That gym membership that you're not going to as often now your home life has got busier, or even that coffee shop where you do all your thinking two or three times a week. Do you really need them? Are you sure?

So I urge you to take a good, hard look at your outgoings each month and see what you don't need any more. A lot of these things seemed useful when you first started using them, but now they're just a drain on your resources, and we all know that cash is king, don't we?

"Make sure that crown hasn't turned
into leaky sieve!"

Conversely, what are you spending time on that you could outsource to others? You may think it's expensive to get someone to do your online marketing, your bookkeeping or even your housekeeping, but when you finally admit it to yourself, you understand that it's going to be cheaper to get someone else to do it for you.

The immediate objection of "why should I spend money when I can do it myself?" will pop into your mind, so just work out your hourly rate and cost it against the person that can do it for you.

If your rate is £50 per hour and theirs is £10 per hour, then you are going to be making an immediate saving. Besides, they'll probably be able to do what you do in half the time (because that's what they specialise in) so you'll be saving yourself even more.

"Do you really want to be updating your accounts at 10pm on a Saturday night?"

My final piece of advice for you regarding planning for 2019 is to make more time for yourself. A lot more! It's going to be totally beneficial for you and it doesn't have to cost you a penny either!

Schedule some time each working day to read a book, to meditate, to have a walk in nature, or to simply eat lunch in peace and quiet. Put it in your diary and make those valuable minutes sacred to you and completely uninterruptable.

You'll really benefit from that downtime and be able to bounce back ready for an afternoon of working for your customers and clients, and that's because you've outsourced all the stuff you don't need to do and completely decluttered your cash flow so know you have extra finances to spend on delighting your clients.

"Want me to review your business for you?"

I'm a business coach who can be as hands-on as you need me to be. I specialise in helping business owners, like you, to realise the true potential of your business. Why not call me on 07521 790284 or click here to send me an email enquiry and let's get planning for 2019!

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