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People Are The Driving Force Of Your Business



To create a truly great business you need to build an unstoppable team of people. A motivated team that understands and works toward achieving your vision. Anyone can be a manager, always working to procedures written by those who came before ...

Successful businesses have an unstoppable team of people!

Successful businesses have an unstoppable team of people!

Every businessman or woman needs a whole set of skills in their arsenal and I've found over the years that working to procedure isn't always the best way forward. You can have the best idea or product in the market, but without people, your business doesn't function. The trick is getting the right people working together within your business structure.

  • Do you have the right people in the right roles?

  • Are your people doing the right things first time, every time?

  • Do you actually know what your people are doing?

It starts with you! Your team will look to you for guidance and inspiration. No matter what sort of a day you've had, pull it together and be a role model of positive energy whenever you're in sight. Your team will follow suit.

Here are my five Goal Getter top tips to help you build your winning team:

  1. Assess where you are today

    Make a realistic assessment of your team - what kind of staff do you currently have? What are their strengths and weaknesses and the areas you need to build on? What motivates them as individuals?

  2. Failure to plan is a plan for failure

    For any team to succeed as a whole unit, you need a strategic plan in place. Pick and choose your team members and then get them together for a planning meeting and encourage all team members to contribute their ideas.

  3. Define team members' roles

    It's imperative that you have a clear idea of your own role in the team - either as team leader, coordinator or motivator. Just as you should be clear about your role, your team members should be clear on their respective roles. Involve your team in this process.

    Let your team have responsibility and a degree of autonomy for their part of a project. Allowing them to take control will give them ownership and a sense of personal responsibility. They will want to impress you and win your approval. This can only benefit your business.

    Keeping everything as open as possible will lend a sense of ownership to the team. Your employees will feel a part of the business and once engaged, will often provide suggestions for improvement.

  4. Identify goals

    Team members who are aware that their performance will not go unnoticed feel motivated to go the extra mile. Therefore it is important to develop and implement a performance measurement and reward system to support your team's plans. Set targets for your team and let them know when they get there. Don't forget to provide regular feedback to the team. Let them know how they are doing and congratulate them when milestones are achieved.

  5. Don't just manage your team, be their coach

    Your management team doesn't need to be micro managed. Be their mentor and provide regular guidance and on the job training. By ensuring that your team are trained and updated on the latest trends, issues and challenges in the market, your business will achieve its goals.

    Listen to your team. They need to know that you understand their concerns, challenges and problems. Never assume that because someone worries often that they worry about nothing - often team members will spot potential issues long before they happen. Give feedback, acknowledge that you have listened to what your team has to say and provide them with answers where possible.

Life being life says that not all people will work well within your team, or they may need some additional motivation or training, so if you need some guidance within this area, please call me.

"I work on the core principles of motivation to create a well ordered and professional team who are all pulling in the same direction!"

If you'd like to know more about Goal Getter or would just like to talk to me about issues with your people that you believe I can help with, call me on 07521 790284 and let's have a coffee and an informal chat soon.

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