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Business Continuity Planning Vs My Garden

From complete disaster to idyllic country retreat ...



I like to think that, for the most part, I am a very determined individual who always thinks positive thoughts. However, tidying up my garden changed that for me last weekend. I can certainly appreciate nature and love nothing more than to sit and admire it in all of its wondrous beauty, but a gardener, I am not ...

My disaster of a garden has now become that idyllic country garden I was hoping for. But trust me, it took a lot of planning and hard work to make it happen!

My disaster of a garden has now become that idyllic country garden I was hoping for. But trust me, it took a lot of planning and hard work to make it happen!

When I moved into my quaint little cottage five years ago, my vision was to be spending hazy summer days, sipping an ice-cold drink with the scent of roses wafting over me. Instead, I was confronted with what can only be described as a jungle of a back garden. I had spent the previous few weeks convincing myself that it looked like a beautiful meadow so my dream of an idyllic country retreat now seemed unobtainable. What a disaster!

Whilst I was preparing to do battle with weeds and wildlife (okay, bugs), it occurred to me that owning a business can evoke the same kind of emotions. We all start out with an idyllic view of what it is like to be a business owner, but without regular and proper maintenance, your business can easily become unmanageable.

"Social upheaval, disease, flooding, fire; there are many factors that can easily disrupt your business!"

Most business owners and managers are generally too concerned with how things are going today to worry about how the business would function in the event of disaster tomorrow.

Although the day-to-day operation of the firm is undoubtedly important, businesses must also focus their attention on how to manage their operations in the event of an unforeseen event.

It is understandable, that when disaster strikes, the regular operations of the firm will be disrupted. People may be unable to make it to work due to adverse weather, equipment can malfunction and data may be lost.

In situations such as these, you need to have a business continuity plan in order to make sure that the business can adapt quickly to the situation and continue to function. The terms 'disaster recovery' and 'business continuity planning' are sometimes used interchangeably because their functions often overlap.

When a disaster strikes, you need to have a business continuity plan to help you move forward. There are many simultaneous activities that you should focus on depending on the priorities of your firm. You also have to manage the people in your firm who are affected and those customers and clients whose orders will be disrupted.

"Benjamin Franklin said it best: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!"

You can't afford to wait until a disaster happens before you develop a plan. You may do this planning internally with your managers or you can hire an outside consultant who specialises in business continuity planning.

The first item on the list should be to designate the people who will assume leadership in the event of a catastrophe. When there's a designated leader, it's easier to implement your plans because someone is taking charge.

The second most important part is to evaluate the company's processes to determine which should be prioritised for restoration of its activities in order to minimise the effects of such disruption on the systems and on the company's staff and clients.

The next priority will most likely be to determine if your backup systems and storage can be recovered efficiently and without loss of data.

Don't forget! In order to ensure that your business continuity plan is ready to roll out in the event of a disaster, it is essential to have a practice run at least once a year! Involve your employees, staff and management so that everyone will become familiar with the routine and everything will run smoothly in the event of a disaster.

Have you got a disaster recovery plan? If you'd like to talk to me about creating one for your business call me on 07521 790284 today and let's arrange a coffee and an initial chat about how I can help you.

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