How Systemising Your Business Can Maximise Its Value

Effective systems are the essential part of running a business. But remember, systems in their own right do not create growth ...

A common issue that I find is that the business owner thinks they know that the systems are in place and working when in reality they aren't; either because the systems themselves are faulty or the people operating the systems are not using them correctly. This is where inter departmental issues tend to come to the fore.

"Whatever journey your business is on, it is often right to look at the systems first!"

A book that highlights this is LNK URL="" Title="The E-Myth Revisited"} by Michael E Gerber. This is excellent reading and will keep anyone interested in understanding the most common issues faced by entrepreneurs.

In the most profitable businesses I see, the entrepreneur has released him or herself from the business by systemising each part of the business and allocating responsibilities to other people within the organisation.

This process of gradually delegating and systemising jobs that are currently carried out by owners is the path to maximising the value of a business! But it can take a few years to make it happen and should start with the following areas:

  1. Identify the key systems the business needs to succeed,
  2. Organise the business in a way that everyone clearly knows their objectives and responsibilities,
  3. Implement Total quality management (TQM),
  4. Manage employees to get the best out of them,
  5. Build systems and put procedures and scripts into place so that they can work,
  6. Monitor and improve the systems over and over.

Armed with these processes you should have:

  1. Identified the key systems and start the process of standardising the way the business works,
  2. Written a management plan with targeted results,
  3. Created a detailed organisational chart with key employee objectives and position statements,
  4. Set an action plan.

Taking these steps can be frustrating for owners and does involve an element of 'letting go', but ultimately is the main route to maximising the capital value of any business.

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